Jul 01 2008

Why Sexual Bondage?

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Please read this post so you know what to expect and to help you understand the context within which these articles are written.

Example of a c.a.t.s. body position.

Site Preface:
Please, beware that this entire site content contains memories that occurred in what I believe to be a past life, a past life that occurred elsewhere as-in not on Earth. I don’t know for sure where but I very clearly recall many, many details. In this past life I lived in a social context where people are, for the most part, socially independent. A context where there are no governments ruling the masses. A context where the masses rule themselves by taking responsibility for their own lives rather than voting for a bunch of liars and thieves to “represent” them. We live in a socially dependent context, where one person’s thought’s or feelings are “expected” to effect another person. Where we hear the excuse “I had no other choice” on a regular basis. Where addictions run rampant and it’s socially acceptable, even expected to avoid responsibility as much as we can. Where the definition of morality is whether or not laws were broken. We live in a social context where most people think of law as a definition of morality. The fact is, we do have a choice and we are responsible for our own actions and their consequences and morality, regardless of its definition, has nothing at all to do with a long list of “do’s” and “don’ts”. As long as our intent is honest, we are ONLY responsible for our own choices. To expect other people to be on the lookout for our own interests, no matter how much we may want it, doesn’t work. Within this context without governments, without leaders, without the entitled elite “farming the masses” for its most precious resource, that being labor, life is very, very different. See Thoughts on being human and/or About Me to get a better idea where this comes from and to read more on the philosophy I call honesty. Additionally you can read Galaxy Primer which contains additional references. These posts are quite old and are poorly written. I’ve not updated them because they help remind me what I was like back then.


We beings do not exist within a spatial vacuum. We live on a rather small planet on the farthest reaches of an incredibly large and overwhelmingly dense galaxy we have explored only in theory using tools designed to extrapolate the whole from a tidbit of it’s parts. Can a human child be understood through it’s DNA alone? Can your history really be predicted by a mathematical formula? Only by working to understand our place in this galaxy by honesty sharing our experiences and feelings with each other can hope to begin the move into deeper places within it and beyond, to other even deeper, more complex galactic structures in later lives. Life is an ongoing discovery process and sex is an expression of that ongoing development. When we are sexually unaware or place the responsibility for our ongoing development on other people or on some ethereal, theoretical, seemingly magical entity, we loose the ability to make choices. Without choice there is no opportunity and life comes to a screeching halt. I call that process incest and it begins with avoidance. Avoidance of our own feelings to be succinct. Avoiding our feelings because some book tells us they are evil, or because a man in Rome proclaimed it so, or due to someone’s interpretation of a 10,000 year old poorly translated manuscript¬† is literally insane. Avoidance leads to dependence on other people for our information, short circuiting the exploration and development process.


An Introduction to “Sexual memories from a Past Life

Why do people engage in Sexual Bondage?
What is the purpose?

First let me say that I disagree with what I’ve seen and read about Bondage being for the purpose of “taking out your frustrations”. Bondage is not about violence and it’s definitely not about hurting someone, least of all the object. It’s about exploring sexual stimulation and guttural sexual urges that we humans feel at times. It’s about exploring what we find sexual as individuals. It’s about finding reasonable limits within the bounds of social, cultural, historical and personal relationships. Bondage is about exploring one’s own self in an ever increasing effort to develop and increase the quality of all our relationships. Above all, Sexual Bondage is about honesty.

Bound and hung

On with the question that all of us who are even mildly interested in sexual bondage, whether we participate or not, usually ask first. Hopefully before we begin. Without at least a very basic understanding of the purpose of bondage, we tend to “fill in the blanks” based on what we see or hear from other people and in most cases we miss the point entirely. Taking information from other people at face value without exploring and validating it ourselves will ultimately lead us deeper into dependence upon each other for our choices, our desires, even our most basic behaviors. Many of us have learned the hard and painful way that Bondage is not about harming people and that it may take more than one lifetime to learn. Bondage is about self discovery! It’s a personal and social tool that can help us find and address feelings by increasing our awareness of their source, and in doing so immensely increase our sexual desire, our overall emotional well being, our social & cultural awareness, and our sexual satisfaction. A tool that when properly used can and will enhance our relationships with other individuals, other cultures and other societies.

If this sounds like something you are interested in exploring, read on and check back on occasion. This is a new site and it may take me time to recall and write the literally hundreds of articles I would like to write here.

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Jul 05 2008

Devious Sexual Devices from Rheesa

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You may be wondering what “Rheesa” means. Rheesa refers to a galaxy next door to our Milky Way in which I’ve spent time in a past life. It’s a very different place, containing a greater density of space. You can read more reading my Galaxy Primer on My Past Life Weblog.

Upright Pose

This is a list of a few really devious sexual devices I recall being used on a regular basis in all types of sexual activities. Usage ideas and descriptions are below the list…

  • Perineum clip
    A very short, light pressure spring clip intended for a woman’s perineum. Must not be long enough pinch the sensitive and very vulnerable tissues between anus and vagina. It should include a small clip-on “screeching” vibrator that oscillates at 300 hz or so rather than the typical 50 hz of normal household or sex supply units. It needs to also include a horsehair tail so you don’t forget it’s there. Used in “presentation” explorations or for couples to enjoy each self discovery alone or as a couple.
  • Clitoral hook
    A large clip made of chrome vanadium spring steel wire designed to wrap around a woman’s pubic bone, from clitoris to G spot. One end has an open loop designed to be placed beneath the clitoral hood and wrap either over or under the clitoris itself. It should be fitted to encompass the clitoris as close to the root as possible. The other end wraps around the pubic bone and is terminated by a small U shaped bend, reaching inside the vagina making mild contact with the “G” spot area. This should also include an attachment for the “screecher” noted above and described below. Continue reading “Devious Sexual Devices from Rheesa

Jul 02 2008


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tbarrette1This article is about urethral masturbation
Yikkshe (yik-she) is a term for female urethral masturbation
Yikkshai (yik-shay or yik-sheye) is the male urethral masturbation complement

Please keep in mind that the context in which these things occur involves people who have developed their awareness to the point where they are able to feel personal field expressions coming from a person. Kind of like feeling the effects of another person’s aural boundary aka Aura.

Odd as it may sound to some, I recall this being a predominant form of sexual pleasure, especially for women & mostly during “presentation sex“. A formal sexual activity focusing on a very specific topic, having specific rules and procedures. Presentations are quite common where I lived and I attended as many as 100 of them while I lived there. The term “yakkin yer yikkae (yik-√©)” being used as slang for urethral masturbation.

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Jul 02 2008

Absolute Slut

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An article recalling a performance I saw in a “Single’s” theater production from a past life.


The show began with a nude young woman of about 18 years old entering the stage. She brought with her a thick foam pad, several towels and a large box. She setup on the pad and began masturbating lightly. She was a bit nervous, probably having never done this before but she seemed very determined. I could feel her excitement as she began to scan the mostly male audience, eliciting sensory feedback with each move.

After a brief fingering of her vagina & a massage of her labia she opened the box and peeked inside. The announcement had presentation codes indicating she was going to masturbate using various objects but didn’t prepare me for what she actually did…
Photos ripped from gloryholes.hotwetblog

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Jul 02 2008

Presentation Sex

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This article is about sexual presentation as an art form.


In other places I’ve lived it’s been discovered that many of us really enjoy watching each other perform sexually. In Olde English Tradition, sexual presentation goes back as far as there is a written history. Kings often had a harem of willing women who were well treated in exchange for their willingness to perform. Due to the enormous ego’s of the Royals whom engaged in this activity, over time it became ritualized as a way to compare status between royal houses and royal families.


Many queens had a harem as well and it often included many women. A young girl as young as 14 years old could apply to a royal harem. Her task was to perform some kind of enticing sexual act for the “attending magistrate” whom then decided if she was worth the expense of being “kept”. Over time the concept of admission performance also became ritualized. Often women would masturbate in some comely fashion for the attendee and it was quite popular for them to practice prior to performing. Many women made various phallic devices and practiced with them. It was commonplace for a young woman intent on entering the harem to commission the mking of a copper phallus for her to practice with and use to gain favor with the attendee. A phallus was usually made by hammering a sheet of copper over a stone or fired clay mold. It nearly always was hollow and filled with warm oil or sand for practice or presentation and nearly always had some kind of external handles to make using it easier.

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Jul 01 2008

Sutor Training

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Sutor training is a type of three way sexual exploration involving a couple and a “Sutor”. The Sutor is usually a female helper and is not hired by the couple. She should receive no monetary payment for her services. She would be involved for her own edification and because it helps her improve her own personal skills in identifying erogenous zones, increasing her awareness of sexual & emotional feedback and practicing the application of her own skills as she desires.

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